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Have you ever experienced feelings of abandonment, even if for a brief second?

Abandonment reactions are different for every person. Those are feelings of emotional deprivation born from the loss of expected support. For the most part, these types of feelings are followed by an emotional sense of loneliness. In some people, it could be reflected as emotional anger, sadness, or disappointment. 

These emotions are experienced stronger in children and young adults due to their inability to identify, understand, and communicate their emotions precisely.

In adults, emotional reactions to the feeling of abandonment are, for the most part, triggered by the loss of an expectation or the loss of support from whom you might have had any form of dependency.

You will not know the amount of dependency you have in someone unless you do an honest and truthful self-evaluation, putting your self-defenses to the side.

The sense of abandonment is easier to manage when you have knowledge and awareness of your emotions, wants, and needs. You must understand the level of dependency you are putting in others to comprehend the influence that such loss may have on your emotional behavior.

Unfortunately, It is easy to get lost, spiraling up into a hurricane of confusing emotions when you don’t know what those emotions mean to you. Take some time to get to know yourself and to learn where your dependencies rest.

Iberkis Faltas, Ph.D.

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