The Naked Ego

The naked ego inside of you is that part of your personality insisting on getting what it wants for its own gratification. That this the emotional selfish craving that makes a person feel separate from the rest of life.  

When you discover who you are, inside and out, you will discover the transient self and the petty dominant egocentric empirical ego will vanish, revealing our real Self.

Work hard in the world without any selfish attachment, and you will purify your consciousness of self-will. In this way any man or woman can gradually attain freedom from the bondage of selfish conditioning.

Dr. Iberkis Faltas

Twitter: @imfaltas

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Anxiety and disappointment are two emotions deeply connected to the feeling of expectation and all those things you are expecting from those close to you, like for example, your partner, family, and friends, and the things that you expect from those not so close to you, like for example, your boss, and even strangers.

Expectation makes you feel emotions that fall under the spectrum of emotional fear. Expectation makes you feel confused, sometimes rejected, helpless, insecure, anxious, discouraged, insignificant, incompetent, overwhelmed, and the worst feeling of all, expectation makes you feel that you are not worth it.

When you are expecting something from someone, you are frequently tensed, under emotional anticipation, stressed, sometimes feeling excessive nervousness, apprehension, and most definitely worried. When it comes to emotions, one’s expectations are rarely fulfilled to your complete satisfaction. Then, when your expectations are not fulfilled, emotions such as sadness, displeasure, and failure take over your mood, personality, and hopes. A person can live without many things and survive. But living without hope will kill you faster than anything else.

Remember, the higher your expectations, the more profound the disappointment. To prevented being sucked by the whirlwind of expectation, there are many things you need to remember, but here today, I am just mentioning a few:

  • Do a frequent “reality check” between yourself, your self-actualization, assertiveness, and those expectations.
  • Do a frequent “awareness check” between yourself and the things you are expecting from others. Ask yourself, who are your expectations on, and why are you expecting those things from that person? Are those expectations realistic? Archivable? Does that person have what it needs to fulfill your expectations?

Two the most important things to remember when you are expecting something from the world you’re seeing and perceiving in front of you are communication and emotional responsibility:

  • Do people know what you are expecting from them? Did you take a second from your busy schedule to tell them? Do they care enough even to take into consideration your expectations? Have you asked yourself why?
  • Have you taken a moment to think about what other people are expecting from you? Expectation is not a one-way street. People around you will have as many or more expectations from you as you have from them.
  • Assumption and perception do not work on expectations.

When it comes to your expectations, make it a point to do a frequent reality check on them, so you don’t end up with a bucket full of little disappointment cards.

Dr. Iberkis Faltas

Twitter: @imfaltas

Self Realization

Begin the journey of discovering yourself:  For the most part, we spent most of our lives suppressing our desires to embark on a trip to self-realization. But it does not have to be that way. Discovering who you really are inside and out can be shocking, and sometimes disappointing, but that self-realization will give you the platform to make sound decisions on who you want to be with and what you want to do in life. 

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