Tired of Social Double-Standards?

This one is dedicated to all women. How many times have you ever heard, “you can’t do it because you’re a woman?”

That is one phrase that has been embedded in a woman’s brain since childhood. That phrase has been burning on the back of women’s brains since the beginning of humankind, influencing their psychological and physical characteristics, qualities, skills, roles, and so forth. That is a barrier that has been there pinning women’s development, contributing to women’s sense of identity over time, becoming a conscious representation of self-concept, and a part of one’s nonconscious schematization of the self. That is a phrase that has always inhibited women’s expression and representation in our society and is still influencing everyone’s judgment and behavioral patterns.

The truth is that women are not the weakest gender. They have never been, and they will never be. 

Suppose you are still struggling with gender equality. In that case, you should understand that double standard is the hypocritical belief that a code of behavior is permissible for one group or individual but not for another. For example, a double standard is held by the man who believes that free sexual expression is acceptable only for males, thus insisting on his daughter’s virginity while encouraging or ignoring his son’s philandering

Let’s focus on one skill at a time. Self-awareness helps us to focus on unbiased information, attention to detail, and knowledge. That understanding includes recognizing and comprehending that women and men balance the world equally, without partitions, detachments, and separations.

What a person can and cannot do is not based on gender, but the power of the will, determination, ascertainment, and the ability to comprehend and differentiate between subtleties, while being aware of one’s cause and the impact that one’s decision, thoughts, and actions have in oneself-and others.

Women: self-assurance is essential. Trust your mental and physical abilities, capacities, endurance, and judgments. Your self-view is your number one positive attitude. The bolstering of self-confidence is needed to mediate your wants, needs, and goals. Believe in yourself. Your belief in yourself is your bridge to success. It would be best if you have the complete realization of your maximum capabilities, abilities, involvement, and appreciation for life. Analyze yourself time to time and discharge everything and everyone who is not adding values to your life and goals.

Think about this, Psychologist Abraham Maslow viewed the process of striving toward full potential as fundamental yet obtainable only after the basic needs of physical survival, safety, love, belongingness, and self-esteem are fulfilled.

Gender equality can be attained, but only if you believe on yourself.

Dr. Iberkis Faltas




Twitter: @imfaltas

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