Self-Reflection is an examination, contemplation, and analysis of one’s thoughts, feelings, capacity and  other aspects of your consciousness that enable you to refer to your own actions.


Listen, I know life is hard. You might be feeling all alone, maybe you’re not with the person you want to be, or perhaps you lost someone you love, a family member, a friend, and you haven’t been able to recover. Maybe lost your job, a promotion, your home. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but life is not going to get any easier. But if you’re listening to this video, it is because your resilience is powerful. You’re tough, and you’re strong. You’re unstoppable. And even though it doesn’t seem so right now, life does get better. Expect only the best and take action to get it.

Concentrate on Yourself

You have the right to get tired about people’s nonsense. They give you their opinion but they don’t want to hear your. they tell you what to do but you cannot tell them what to do. they are all over your business but God forbid …



Many people are slaves of social standards, and they push others to do so Judgement-based questions only hinder your goals. You should be strong enough to do things because you desire them, rather than because you need to fulfill some else’s expectations. Be true to yourself. Be strong. Be in power. Be your own master. Follow your heart and do things because you desire them, rather than because you have to fulfill someone’s expectation.