Find Your Comfortable Place

Sometimes, you might feel so down that you just feel like making an underground hole and walking yourself right into it.

And I get it.

I think it is safe to say that most of us have felt that way at least once in our lives’ journey. I certainly have. Many times. And I understand that bringing yourself up from a dark place could be challenging.

One thing that has helped me is taking my mind to a comfortable place, if at least for a day, or for a few minutes at a time. For me, one of those comfortable places is music. For my friend, it is a massage. For you, it could be emerging yourself in reading, meditation, yoga, etc. Something that would not harm you further. Doing something that can give you momentary relief always helps.

That is because the positive energy that those good things bring to your mind is controlled by you. That positive energy can give you an optimistic overview of a wish that aims to be soon fulfilled by you, solely under your control.

Be optimistic. Optimism lets you anticipate positive outcomes, whether short-term, either if serendipitously, or through perseverance and effort, helps. You can be confident that attaining the desired goals, even if a short-term goal always helps with your mental health. Small plans give you something tangible, solid, and relatively stable or situational without dependencies or limitations.

Always remember, it is OKAY to reach out and talk to someone if you still feel that you don’t have the emotional strength to bring yourself up.

Dr. Faltas

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