Today is…

  1. You are a person on your own, and all the things you want and all the things you wish also matter.
  2. Honor your wants and goals.
  3. Your life is not a race.
  4. Love and enjoy every aspect of your life.
  5. Take time to enjoy the little things because they make up the big ones.
  6. Someone out there needs you. Take care of yourself, if only for that one person.
  7. Remember, if you cannot take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of others.

Dr. Faltas


Many times, we take for granted the small things we have because we are too focused on the big things we don’t. Take a few seconds a day to appreciate what you have and be grateful for the things you get to enjoy. Life is way too short. Don’t wait until the very end to regret that you never got to enjoy it.


Dr. Faltas