Hello friends!

So, self-regard is understanding and accepting your virtues, your defects, inner strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, mood changes, feelings, confidence, the lack of it, your fiscal appearance, your internal resources, your limitations, and all that that is you.

Because self-regard is the way that you see yourself. Do you see yourself as a victim or survivor? How much do you like, love, respect, or dislike yourself? 

Are you accepting ALL of you or just part of it? 

Are you appreciative of all those amazing qualities you have, or do you walk around all day “binging” and complaining about the ones you don’t have?

Let me tell you, friend, everyone, and I mean everyone, including your partner AND your boss, they see you and they treat you in the way you regard yourself. Keep that in mind, my friend. Keep that ALWAYS in mind.

Dr. Faltas

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