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I need some space | Necesito espacio

Sometimes, we struggle to tell our partners we need time. Regardless of how much we love them, we also need time to make for ourselves. We need to take the time to focus on our wellbeing and bring balance back into our lives. I know it won’t be easy, but if your partner loves you, they will understand. You should strive to find the right balance inside of you so your relationship can work for both of you. 


A veces, nos cuesta decirle a nuestras parejas que necesitamos tiempo. Independientemente de lo mucho que los amemos, también necesitamos tiempo para nosotras mismas. Necesitamos tomarnos tiempo para centrarnos en nuestro bienestar y devolver el equilibrio a nuestras vidas. Sé que esa conversación no será fácil, pero si tu pareja te ama, te entenderá. Tú debes esforzarte por encontrar el equilibrio adecuado dentro de ti, para que tu relación funcione para ambos.

Dr. Faltas


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I am Dr. Iberkis Faltas, an author, a Doctor of Philosophy, an Emotional Intelligence Strategist, and a licensed Cosmetologist for over 30 years. I work for the Department of Homeland Security, Asylum, Refugee, and International Operations Directorate from Monday to Friday. On the weekends, I work for Cinderella Bridez as a Master Bridal Artist. I write, cook, and practice mindfulness. I am a video creator. I love to travel the world. Please follow me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

I wrote “Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement, Education, Management, and Leadership.” My book was featured in the New Yorker, as one of the books “aimed at more niche demographics” to learn emotional literacy and other emotional intelligence skills to those in position of power. Here is the link

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