Dr. Iberkis Faltas is a writer, social-behavioral science researcher, adult education professional, and advocate for gender equality in the work- place. She has a PhD in public policy and administration, where she concentrates in management and leadership systems, as well as the laws and policies governing organizations. She is an emotional intelligence professional coach.

Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement, Education, Management, and Leadership

About the book:

The data shows 425,652 allegations of NYPD officers’ inappropriate use of force, abuse of authority, discourtesy, use of offensive language, implicit and explicit racial bias, discrimination, and social stereotyping; a 50.6 to 66 percent of the victims in those cases were blacks. Meanwhile, the NYC black population was averaged only a 24 percent.

Thirty-five percent of first-year college students can’t handle the social and academic pressure and drop out of college within the first year. Organizations where employees are perceived to be disposable, and management seems to be careless to prevent employee’s dissatisfaction and high turnover. In this book, I explore the history and development of emotional intelligence, where it came from, and how it is being used today.

I also explore how we can use emotional intelligence to enhance our professional careers and understanding of others, focusing on the fields of law enforcement, education, management and leadership, and the differences between traditional management systems, contemporaneous generational workplaces, and the implementation of emotional intelligence practices.

From the editors:
“I enjoyed reading and editing this beautifully written treatise on applying Kaizen concepts to emotional intelligence” –Jordan, Elite Editor

“You’ve written an informative, comprehensive, and well-researched work into which you’ve clearly put much time and effort. You espouse the positive benefits of emotional intelligence that will give all readers the tools they need to change their mindset and to view their personal and professional lives from a different perspective.” Carolyn, Kirkus Editorial

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