Are you struggling to make a decision?

If you find yourself struggling between what you want to do, what you should do, and your emotional impulses, take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

(1) Why do you feel the way you do?
(2) What part of it is the one that is making you feel that way?
(3) What did you expect?
(4) What are you expecting if things change?
(5) Will it be better if you make the change, or will you be carrying the burden with you?
(6) Deep inside of you, what do you want?
(7) Are you doing things for yourself?
(8) Are you doing things to please someone else?
(9) If you follow your wants, will you be in a better place emotionally, mentally, and physically?
(10) Is it worth it?

These ten questions will help you create a road map where reasonable and logical blueprints will align with the things your want, need and expect to make better decisions.

Dr. Faltas


Being resilient means that you can “lift yourself up,” “bounce back,” you are flexible, tough, adaptable, and somehow—obstinate.

It means that you can successfully adapt to difficult or challenging experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility, adjusting your physiological and psychological strength to any external and internal demands.

It means that you can adapt to adversities and engage with the world, using whatever coping strategies you can find on your way. Your skills help you with the positive adaptation, cultivation, and practice of psychological strength that help you to stand in the middle of a Huracan without being sucked up in the eye of the storm.

What resilient people do:
1. Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize (e.g., work-life balance, relationships, hobbies, etc.)
2. Take care of their mind and body (healthy eating habits, exercise, sleep, practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga, etc.)
3. Stop overthinking the “what could have happened” or “what if…” because, in reality, those do not exist.
4. Avoid negative people—including co-workers or family members.
5. Be proactive
6. Be aware and accept your emotions (e.g., you have the right to be sad, happy, angry, content, disappointed, etc.)
6. Move toward your small goals first.
7. Practice self-discovering—you’ll be surprised to learn new things about yourself.
8. Keep things in a realistic perspective.
9. Embrace changes.
10. Embrace and accept bad experiences and learn from your mistake. Those will always be part of your life. Fighting back only hurts you more.
11. And last (at least for this post) but not least, REACH OUT to friends, family, or any help group. Open up. Talk about it. Write about it. Do anything you want but do not keep your feelings inside!!

Dr. Faltas

Today is…

  1. You are a person on your own, and all the things you want and all the things you wish also matter.
  2. Honor your wants and goals.
  3. Your life is not a race.
  4. Love and enjoy every aspect of your life.
  5. Take time to enjoy the little things because they make up the big ones.
  6. Someone out there needs you. Take care of yourself, if only for that one person.
  7. Remember, if you cannot take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of others.

Dr. Faltas